Next SOGNO TSC meeting - Mon 08/02/2021

Mirz, Markus <mmirz@...>

Hi all,


The next SOGNO TSC call is scheduled for Monday, February 8 at 17:00-18:00 CET/11a-12p ET.

The notes of the last meeting can be found here:


During this call, I propose to review/discuss:

  • Project status (DCO sign-offs, relicensing)
  • Status of the trademark transfer and alternative solutions, e.g. renaming the project
  • Guidelines/requirements for introducing new services/functions to the project
    • Recommended interfaces between services
    • Data models and formats
    • Deployment
    • CI / Testing
  • Integration with LF FLEDGE project


Please let us know if you have adjustments or other topics we could discuss.