Meeting Notes Monthly Shapeshifter Meeting

Wijnja, Jelle

Dear all,


Please find below my brief meeting notes and actions of the meeting of today. Please feel free to add.


  • Welcome
  • Getting up to speed with LFE
    • Website set-up à Jelle will make a concept àTSC will check
    • Technical Charter à TSC agrees with the DRAFT version included in this email à John will take this further
  • Backward compatibility (see “Shapeshifter Monthly TSC Meeting 20210928.pdf”)
    • Include versioning in specifications
    • Further explore difficulties with Jasper, Edward, Daniel and Hugo
  • Functional Change: add message for measurement data
    • Edward: In repository created new XSD for metering messages
      • Use power, energy or both?
      • Set-up decision document on use of power or energy à Edward, Daniel and Jasper
    • Also new pull request on the Library
      • Encryption is not working properly à needs to be compiled and tested àJasper and Daniel
      • Change to the unit test that is infected by this
  • Closing






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