FW: Shapeshifter Service Type Change Request

Wich, Daniel

Hi Jelle,


I have some feedback to think about on the ServiceType change, nothing blocking, probably an extension of the change or an addition to the specification (a new change):


“Because we introduce the ServiceType attribute to the FlexRequest message type I think it’s recommended to align on introducing a RejectionReason in the FlexRequestResponse message type that handles issues with the (contents of the) attribute.

It can be the case that a FlexRequest is sent with a ServiceType containing freeformat text like “Something completely random” that the AGR/CSP will receive.

You’d want to get a FlexRequestResponse messagetype back with the Result field set to “Rejected” and the RejectionReason set to “Unknown ServiceType <ServiceType>”:

Second scenario I can think of is that the optional field is added but the contents are empty; then you’d like to receive something in the line of “Optional field <fieldname> detected but its value is empty” or do we want to accept that by default we can add an optional attribute to messages but don’t fill in any value?

(Page 28 UFTP 1.01 specification)

This will save you time and effort when troubleshooting rejected transactions.


Apologies if this isn’t the right entry for the feedback; I wanted to give everyone the chance to read it before next weeks meeting.


Kind regards,



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Onderwerp: FW: Shapeshifter Service Type Change Request


Ter info de voorgestelde aanpassingen aan het UFTP protocol ter ondersteuning van BI-laterale (lange termijn) contracten.


@Daniel: Specs zijn conform wat ik vorige week heb afgesproken. Check jij nog even of het volgens jouw ook klopt.




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Onderwerp: Shapeshifter Service Type Change Request


Dear all,


Please find attached decision notes from our meeting about the Service Type on 10th Feb.


I’ve also created the issue and pull request ready for review.




Best regards,






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