Agenda Shapeshifter TSC meeting 31-5-2022

Wijnja, Jelle

Dear all,


Next Shapeshifter TSC meeting (31-5-2022) I would like to add only one agenda point: release Shapeshifter 3.0. Please find attached the scope of this release including the notes I made during last TSC meeting.


Do you have any additional agenda points?


In the agenda point release Shapeshifter 3.0, we touch these actions:

  • Daniel, Jasper and Edward will allign about OrderReference and change request submetering and service type
  • Robben and Jelle will write user story for versioning
  • Robben, Jelle and Hugo: decide if Hugo or GOPACS DevOps team will develop this part.
  • Edward will update the specifications of the change requests servicetype and submetering
  • Edward will update the library (after the specifications are updated)






Jelle Wijnja

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I wanted to work on the documentation, but when I download the document "USEF Flex Trading Protocol Specifications.docx" from the shapeshifter-specification folder the file will not open with word.  I wonder if git has perhaps treated it as text and converted line endings?  I also tried:
1. going back to version in the history, that didn't work

2. pull from git command line and downloading from web browser - that didn't work either

Can anyone else open this document?  Could someone email the original word document to me "edward.ross@..." please?

Best regards,


P.S. I have created a pull request for "power comment improvement" that needs review: