Booting up architecture meetings

Jeffrey Osier-Mixon <josiermixon@...>

Hi folks - Shuli and I met today with Benoit and Justin to discuss the path forward for the LF Energy architecture discussions. We have a few other special-interest groups as well (security and iot) that are dependent on, and which feed into, the architecture discussion.

What we'd like to do to get all of these groups in sync is to start with an overall architecture meeting and discussion in a few weeks to do a level-set on the work already done and to lay the ground work for future discussions on all of these topics. After that, we can divide into separate discussions on security, iot, and other topics that the group will define, with the overall goal to form a comprehensive architecture for the power systems of the 21st century.

The current date is March 18 at 7:30am PST, 4:30pm CET. Hope to talk to you all then.

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