Default branch name of PowSyBl repositories #poll-notice

BAGUE Mathieu


Many communities are considering renaming the default branch name of their repository from master for two main reasons:
  1. master is not easily understood by people new to Git, and is not a ubiquitous term in technology (master is more easily associated with primary/secondary configurations)
  2. master has multiple meanings in English, including master/slave. Although Git does not use master/slave terminology, such terminology was common until recently. Use of master/slave terminology has been removed in recent versions of many major software projects because it is not technically descriptive, precise, and avoids needlessly referencing the painful history and impact of human/slavery which continues to be felt by people all over the world.

Since October the 1st, the default branch for newly-created repositories is now main, which is the most popular replacement for master (see GitHub announce). GitLab also choosed main but considered default (used by mercurial), and excluded primary, develop, trunk, stable, release, base and root. You can find the reasoning on

Before taking a decision, we would like to do a survey of our community to know if we should switch to `main` for all our repositories or we should keep the current configuration.

Thank you for voting. Results will be available when the poll is closed.

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