Next TSC meeting


Hi everybody,


Our next TSC meeting will be on March the 10th.


For this public meeting, it would be great if we follow these items:


Release of powsybl-core available since a week Release v4.7.0 · powsybl/powsybl-core (, with as major features:


-          The IIDM delayed validation that will be used for example for CGMES only EQ import or for long-term studies (TYNDP) ;

-          A new sensitivity analysis API (great work !) ;

-          A CGMES TP export when no topological change has been done ;

-          A first and beta version of the network modifications, that must be increased in the future ;

-          A network modification that enables to create a voltage level on a line ;

-          Matpower importer: add operation limits support ;

-          New parameters for security analysis ;

-          Short-circuits: new API, feeder results, etc. ;

-          A first version of Power Factory importer ;

-          And some quality fixes as usual.


Next release will be on April the 23rd, please take a look at the draft release notes: Release v4.8.0 (expected: 2022-04-13) · powsybl/powsybl-core ( For the moment, some fixes and refactorings, but we plan to have:

-          A CGMES TP export allowing topological changes ;

-          Fictitious injections modeling ;

-          CGMES import : we have several use cases that are finally totally different with close to real time studies against only EQ imports and TYNDP studies. We are trying to conciliate these use cases in the CGMES import. In the first case, we want a robust conversion that provides default (and reasonable) behaviors in order to import a maximum of IGMs for the EMF. In the second case, we want to avoid providing default values because they will be given later after state estimation or the file could be fixed by the user (TYNDP files). A technical discussion is needed.

-          Tie line improvement that could have a huge impact in term of development on the network-store ;


Other repositories:

-          A new release of single line diagram is planned for this week ;

-          A new release of pypowsybl is planned for this week ;

-          OLF has been released last week, with some new features (transformer voltage control outer loop improvement, voltage magnitude initialization improvement, support of load and generator contingencies for security analysis) but with also a strong work on increasing robustness of the code and testing on real cases -> see powsybl/powsybl-benchmark (

WIP: work on HVDC AC emulation.

-          IIDM C++, no release for the moment, still supporting until IIDM 1.5.0, WIP.

-          Network-area-diagram has been released.



-          Integration of Dynawo ;

-          Power Factory importer improvement ;

-          Time series : benchmarks on time scale DB to be continued ;

-          Network modifications improvement ;

-          New security analysis API with actions (or a new simulation API, to be discuss).

-          Other subjects?


Thanks for joining the TSC. Remember that meetings are scheduled here:

powsybl-tsc@... | Calendar


See you soon !





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