Next TSC meeting


Hi everybody,

Our next TSC meeting will be on December 3th.


For our third public meeting, it would be great if we follow these items:


Release of powsybl-core (3.8.0) expected on 2nd of December, please refer to the release notes to know what the release will contain:

Open discussion if needed. This release is more a fix release but with some breaking changes.


The Next Release will be on January 13th. This release will be more consequent with:

-          New concept of Boundary for Dangling Line and Tie Line ;

-          New operational limits API (maybe) ;

-          CGMES SSH export ;

-          CGMES SV node/breaker export (maybe) ;

-          New Contingency API.



The purpose of this part is to update, after each TSC meeting, the roadmap:

- Alliander ( is still discussing with us and with Plasma team to build a network model manager. It seems that they will use the single line diagram.

- Gaël from Artelys ( is working on the openloadflow around sensitivity calculation. A first beta version of the DC sensitivity calculation (with and without contingency) is expected in January.

- We are going to work on a new sensitivity API.

- A new repository powsybl-metrix has been created : Metrix, a simulator from RTE and uses by Imagrid project is going to be open source.

- Sylvain is going to work on a schematic vision of the network for analysis purpose.

- We still have an issue of design in dynawo integration.


Other subjects ?

Technical discussion

It would be great if we have a discussion on log management in Powsybl.


For next TSC meeting, do not hesitate to send me subjects days before !







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