Call for vote: disable sonarsource violation squid:S3725 (a.k.a Java8's poor performance on Files.Exists())


Hi list,

we have 46 violations of squid:S3725


However, as verbally confirmed by mathbagu and geofjamg, this rule assumes that only the default filesystem (returned by Filesystems.getDefault() ) is used. For other filesystem, it is not possible to use the rule's replacement (path.toFile().exists() ).


Since we do use other Filesystems, I propose that we disable this rule for our project.

I vote for disabling the squid:S3725 rule



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Luis María Zamarreño García

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 12:21 PM, HARPER Jon wrote:
I vote for disabling the squid:S3725 rule
You have my vote for disabling the rule squid:S3725
Should we use the "poll" tool from the distribution list?

BAGUE Mathieu

I agree to disable this rule too.

If we decide to disable it, we have to create a file that explains which rules are disabled and the reason why.

MURGEY Sebastien

I also vote in favor of this proposition.