Next TSC meeting


Hi everybody,


Our next TSC meeting will be on June the 2nd, 13h30, on Teams: Cliquez ici pour participer à la réunion


For this public meeting, it would be great if we follow these items:


Release candidate of powsybl-core available on Friday Release v4.9.0 (expected: 2022-06-15) · powsybl/powsybl-core (, with as major features:


-          CGMES 2.4.15: fixes and improvements after a lot of tests performing for full export validation on real networks.

-          CGMES 3.0: improvements, still a beta feature. Do not hesitate to test this feature and provide feed-back.

-          Configuration: add methods to get the specific parameters of a sensitivity or security analysis.

-          Configuration: add import/export parameter possible values.

-          IIDM: fictitious injections.

-          Modifications: fix add voltage level on a line.

-          Power Factory importer.

-          PSSE importer.

-          Triple store: remove Jena implementation.

-          Many quality commits.

-          Expected: increase of short-circuit API to support elementary computations.

-          Excepted: IIDM converter API merged with IIDM network API.


Next release will be on April the 23rd.

-          EMF based on the destructive merge and not on the merging view?

-          Operational limit set support.

-          Support of protections and automatons in IIDM network.

-          On-going work abound a new security analysis with actions (Security analysis with remedial actions · Issue #2015 · powsybl/powsybl-core ( + a WIP PR [WIP] add remedial actions for security analysis by EtienneLt · Pull Request #2095 · powsybl/powsybl-core (


Other repositories:

-          Florian: single line diagram and network area diagram.

-          Sylvain: pypowsybl.

-          OLF:

Support of all type of contingencies for AC and DC sensitivity analysis and security analysis.

New incremental transformer voltage control outer loop.

-          powsybl/powsybl-starter (

-          powsybl/powsybl-benchmark (

-          IIDM C++, no release for the moment, still supporting until IIDM 1.5.0, WIP.

-          WIP: update of powsybl-tutorials

-          WIP: non regression testing



-          Integration of Dynawo : redesign for next release, then work by Dynawo team ;

-          Time series : benchmarks on time scale DB ;

-          Network modifications improvement -> we need to write issues in order to have a collaborative organization on that topic ;

-          New security analysis API with actions (Security analysis with remedial actions · Issue #2015 · powsybl/powsybl-core (

-          Increasing the shortcircuits API: REX after models integration and work around parameters

-          TODO: fusion of balances-ajustement and powsybl-enstoe?

-          TODO: we are late about documentation.

-          Multi component results for security analysis API.

-          The support of EMF in pypowsybl

-          Discussion about fictitious switch in CGMES

Thanks for joining the TSC. Remember that meetings are scheduled here:

powsybl-tsc@... | Calendar


See you soon !





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