Next TSC meeting


Hi everybody,

Our next TSC meeting will be on October 14th.


For this public meeting, it would be great if we follow these items:


Release of powsybl-core (4.5.0) expected on November 3rd, please refer to the release notes to know what the release contains: Release v4.5.0 (expected: 2021-11-03) · powsybl/powsybl-core (


This release contains some new features:

- CGMES: support of CGMES version 3.0 (CIM version 100), based on specifications and tested on conformity tests.

- CGMES EQ full export: tests on going, but we be available.

- PSSE: support of branches with different nominal voltage at ends.

- Security analysis: support of LOAD type of contingency.

- Math: matrix quick add and set value.


Some fixes are work in progress:

- Support of move connectable.

- Fix bus breaker view traverser.

- Fix network listener remove.

- Fix traverser consistency.


Maybe :

- The delayed network validation, depending on Miora.

- The new sensitivity analysis API, depending on Geoffroy and the team.


Other repositories:

- OLF: only refactorings for the moment and some small new features. We are working on a POC to allow developpers to design private outerloops.

- Mathieu: IIDM C++

- Sylvain or Geoffroy: new features of pypowsybl.

- Florian: SLD

- Dynawo: Luma

- powsybl-network-hypothesis: no release for the moment, expected in 6 weeks.

- powsybl-short-circuit: no release for the moment, expected in 6 weeks.

- Liquibase



I will update the roadmap after this meeting.

- A EQ full export expected next release (issue about persistence of RDF ids)

- Support of CGMES 3.0 next release

- The CIM conversion of measurements (WIP, data are missing)

- A delayed network validation if needed (WIP)

- A new sensitivity analysis API (an intermediate release will be published to ease update of implementations ?)

- Maybe: a power factory importer

- A new API for symmetrical short circuit calculations, with extensions for generators and identifiables (for IpMin and IpMax): functional tests in progress. Going back to core?

- Network hypothesis: first version of generators start up hypothesis, first version of client connection hypothesis, etc.

- User friendly functions to add and remove equipments such as load and generators in order to mask the complexity of adding breakers.

- Pypowsybl: a detailed roadmap has to be done

- Time series (Jon)

- A schematic vision of the network (Florian)


Technical discussion

A small update about the JavaScript component?


Thanks for joining the TSC. Remember that meetings are scheduled here:

powsybl-tsc@... | Calendar


See you soon !






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