Re: Next TSC meeting


Some of you don’t have any invitation for tomorrow (yes, indeed it is on the 27th of May). All our meetings are publicly in this calendar:


powsybl-tsc@... | Calendar


I have updated the meetings, so you have been notified. In the notification, you have an “invite.ics” that you can add to your outlook calendar or add it to all TSC members as I did minutes ago.


Sorry for that… but our calendar must remain public.




De : TILLOY Anne
Envoyé : mercredi 26 mai 2021 12:07
À : 'powsybl-tsc@...' <powsybl-tsc@...>
Objet : Next TSC meeting


Hi everybody,

Our next TSC meeting will be on May 28th.


For this public meeting, it would be great if we follow these items:


Release of powsybl-core (4.2.0) since May 25th, please refer to the release notes to know what the release will contain: Release v4.2.0 · powsybl/powsybl-core (


Main features or bug fixes:

- CGMES import: consider transformer at boundary ;

- CGMES export: export flows for branches and three windings transformers ;

- CGMES: support of TYNDP CGM files with workarounds ;

- Make import of control areas optional ;

- CGMES: import of Xnode HVDC type for balances adjustment ;

- IIDM: improve network notification performance ;

- IIDM: fix connect bug ;

- IIDM: allow bPerSection to be negative ;

- PSSE: start of support DC conversion ;

- Scalable: add new DanglingLine scalable with both convention supported ;

- LoadFlow: add synchronous and connected numbers to results ;

- LoadFlow: add new parameters dcUseTransformerRatio, countriesToBalance and connectedComponentMode ;

- Triplestore: Blazegraph has been removed ;


Next release of powsybl-core (4.3.0) expected on July 7th, please refer to the draft release notes to know what the release will contain: Release v4.3.0 (expected date: 2021-07-07) · powsybl/powsybl-core (


The new API of security analysis is ready, the implementations should adapt. WIP on OpenLoadFlow side. What about Dynawo? We plan to do an intermediate release for that breaking change.



Roadmap update by annetill · Pull Request #24 · powsybl/.github

Please try to update the PR before tomorrow. Having a clear, detailed and updated roadmap is key for external contributions.


Technical discussion

Free for the moment.


If you have subjects, do not hesitate to send it to me.


Thanks for joining the TSC.



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