Re: Licence scanning

BAGUE Mathieu


I don't know if it's easily feasable, but generated source files should be in the target/generated-classes. If I remember well, we decided to commit it to reduce compilation time. Could it make sense to remove this file from the repo and generate it from the protobuf IDL file in the target directory?


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For powsybl-hpc/computation-mpi/src/main/java/com/powsybl/computation/mpi/generated/Messages this is a generated file so maybe we should configure the scanner to exclude it. It does not make sense (or maybe is illegal?) to add a licence/authorship to a generated file.

For the preventive strategy, I would go for a Maven plugin instead because we can test it locally before pushing the code (same kind of check as checkstyle).
Indeed it will only check Java files but that is 99% of our files (powsybl cpp excluded)


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