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It makes sense to me but I am not sure everything is ready on extension side  to support this kind of “critical” extension.

I am thinking in particular about the lack of adder support with extensions, the lack of API/impl decoupling.

Sure it is already the case  today, adding extension data is not as clear as base data for the previous reason

(like gen.addExtension(MyExt.class, new MyExt(gen,  … lots of param …), but I think before moving base data to extension we should rework on extension modelling in IIDM API.

We could get inspiration on how builder have been added in AFS keeping a good API/impl design.




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Hi all,

We were thinking yesterday with Mathieu of modeling new regulation (shunt's regulation particularly) as extensions rather than attributes (by boolean attribute regulating, double attribute voltageSetpoint, etc.) from now on.

The pros were the following:

  • It would allow to harmonize regulations for equipment that regulates similarly
  • Regulations are not always mandatory during simulations (e.g. simple loadflows) where the point of IIDM core modeling was to be used in all kind of simulations

Eventually, we would also change existing regulation attributes to model them as extensions as well.
What do you think? Do you agree?


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