Open discussion about powsybl-hpc, powsybl-afs and powsybl-gse


Hi TSC members,


The previous poll enables to decide the people in charge for some repositories of the powsybl organization. The simple majority has be reached and the “yes” answer of the poll is approved. I am going to modify the file in consequence. Before opening a new poll for the last repositories of the organization, I prefer to have a discussion with you as committers.


Remember that “in charge” means:

-          Best effort to review PR ;

-          Best effort to resolve issues ;

-          Building the releases with release notes and communication through LF Energy lists.

-          In case of impossibility, the person in charge has to ask the TSC through this list to find another committer to review the PR, resolve the issue or build the release.  



Maybe Sylvain can review the Slurm part and Geoffroy can review the MPI part. Remember that all contributors can help doing this tasks, but only committers can merge.

Question: who should be in charge of the release ?



I think that we have to create a separate repository for the application file system, called powsybl-afs with the modules afs, security-analysis-afs and the module afs-cassandra which is private for the moment.

Question: what do you suggest for the repository responsible ?



The reviews can be done by any contributor, but in general only Geoffroy merges the PR. The issues will be solved in general by Paul ( For the powsybl-gse release, I think that we can propose to Paul that:

-          He prepares the PR with the two commits (prepare current release and prepare next release) ;

-          He prepares the release notes ;

-          Anne, Miora and Mathieu deal with the rest of the release publication ;

-          The powsybl-gse releases are synchronized with the powsybl-core releases.


Thanks a lot for your answers.



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