[Vote] Proposed update of the OpFab TSC voting members list #poll-notice


Dear OpFab TSC voting members,

Do you agree with the following update of the TSC voting members list?

Current list:
  • Frédéric Didier
  • Boris Dolley
  • Alexandra Guironnet
  • Valérie Longa
  • Hanae Safi
  • Guillaume Trimbach
Proposed updates:
  • Adding Floris van der Meulen, reflecting contributions from Alliander
  • Removing Hanae Safi as she has left the project

Thanks in advance for your reply,

Best regards,

Alexandra Guironnet
RTE - IT Division - Software Development Department / RTE - DSIT - Département Développement Logiciel
P+33 (0)7 60 17 65 44 


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