Suggestions on integrating OpenEEMeter

Si Chen <sichen@...>


I'd like to get your suggestions on integrating OpenEEMeter with our open source opentaps energy application ( 

opentaps is an open source application built in Django.  It allows the user to set up multiple buildings, each with a list of all the equipment.  It then uses VOLTTRON to get building-level energy data with BACNET and MODBUS.  Once the data is there, the users could build dashboards and visualizations with Grafana and develop and run applications on top of it.

Where I see a potentially very cool integration is to use OpenEEMeter to build baseline energy consumption model for any meter, physical or virtual, that we have a time series data.  This baseline could then be used for measurement and verification (M&V) and financing purposes.  The meter data would be stored in a time series database like Crate or Timescale which provide a SQL-compatible interface.

Does this make sense?  Does it sound like what OpenEEMeter is designed for?

If so, do you have suggestions on how to do the integration with Django and SQL databases?

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