Generating two-parameter models with EEmeter

Ethan Goldman

Here's a question (or perhaps a feature request) for others who might be using EEmeter for gas meter modeling: there is a flag to force EEmeter to ignore cooling energy (fit_hdd_only), but can you force it to generate a "two-parameter" model with just slope and intercept?

Here I mean a more traditional X-intercept, not a base load. For background, I'm modeling run-time data from a gas furnace (metering the gas solenoid valve), so I'm quite sure there is no non-heating "base" load represented in my data! (I'm using eemeter v.3.1.0, FWIW) 

Currently, EEmeter is giving me a model that adds about 20% more energy in the annual base load to a typical heating season for this area. It's also likely picking the wrong balance point, might be skewing the slope a bit, and (most importantly) doesn't actually produce a model that matches the physical reality of the data. 

I realize this is a bit of an edge case since I'm technically modeling sub-meter data, but it's pure HVAC and definitely weather-dependent, so it seemed like a reasonably good fit for EEmeter. Does anyone have an easy fix, or would I need to add some new functionality to the code to get this behavior to work?


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