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Phil Ngo

Hi Ben,

If I'm understanding correctly, it doesn't sound to me like the OpenEEmeter will be a good fit for that application. The OpenEEmeter is not generally used directly on IoT devices and works with hourly energy usage data (e.g., kWh, Therms), not yet with current or voltage data, and not yet with data sampled at rates higher than hourly.

If in the future you would like to build models of building energy usage based on temperature and or time of day, the OpenEEmeter will definitely be able to help!

Thanks for reaching out and best wishes with your project.


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Hello All,

I'm new here and trying to get some background about OpenEEmeter.  I am looking for something that will facilitate the collection of instantaneous current and voltage measurements at a reasonably high sampling rate.  The purpose of doing this is for microgrid research at a university.  Is OpenEEmeter appropriate for this application?  Are there examples of common hardware platforms that OpenEEmeter is run on?  Any advice or direction that the group is willing to give is greatly appreciated!



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