Re: gas and electric meters at the same building


Definitely, for buildings with multiple meters, there should be a separate model for each meter. It is important to use different parameters for gas and electricity, as you read in the CalTRACK compliance document.

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What do you recommend when a building has gas and electric meters?  I read on
For natural gas meter use data, the function :any:`eemeter.fit_caltrack_usage_per_day_model` must set fit_cdd=False and cooling_balance_points=None so that models using cooling degree days are not considered.`eemeter.fit_caltrack_usage_per_day_model` must set fit_cdd=True, fit_intercept_only=True, fit_cdd_only=True, fit_hdd_only=True, fit_cdd_hdd=True for electricity data, and fit_cdd=False, fit_intercept_only=True, fit_cdd_only=False, fit_hdd_only=True, fit_cdd_hdd=False for gas data.

So do you recommend building separate models for gas and electric with the parameters changed?

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