Webinar: LF Energy - OpenEEmeter and EEweather: June 20, 2019, 10am PT


Hey folks - I just wanted to send a "save the date" for the upcoming webinar introducing the OpenEEmeter as part of the LF Energy projects. We'll be posting the updated webinar access information as it gets closer to that date.

The webinar is planned for June 20, 2019 from 10-11am pacific.


LF Energy brings open source software, methods, and methodologies to the energy sector. LF Energy is a global open source project with 23 members in 10 countries worldwide, hosting projects and working groups that provide software, methods, and open data.

This webinar features project leader Phil Ngo describing OpenEEmeter and EEweather. Using the OpenEEmeter, private companies, utilities, and regulators can consistently calculate changes in energy consumption for building efficiency projects and portfolios with confidence in the methods and replicability of results.

The OpenEEmeter generates consistent and replicable results by always using the same methods to determine changes in energy consumption-there are no discretionary independent variables that change from calculation to calculation. Site level changes in consumption will reflect the same underlying methods across programs and implementations.

OpenEEmeter features:

- Contains reference implementations of standard CalTRACK methods
- Enforces standards compliance by incorporating data sufficiency checking and first-class warnings reporting
- Facilitates integration with external systems and testing of methodological variations with modular design
- Uses public weather sources by default, but allows flexibility
- Is built on top of the popular python scientific stack (scipy/pandas)
- Includes visualization and debugging tools

This project was contributed by Recurve, formerly Open Energy Efficiency.

[Webinar access information to follow]

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