Re: What are blackout start and end dates in tutorial for?


Hi Si,

Thanks for your email. "Blackout period" is synonymous with the Intervention Period described in CalTRACK 1.4.4 (see This period is the time during which a retrofit or project was performed, between the end of the CalTRACK baseline period and the beginning of the CalTRACK reporting period. I've added that to the documentation (


On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 6:16 PM Si Chen <sichen@...> wrote:

I'm looking at the tutorial and would like to know what the role of blackout_start_date and blackout_end_date are?

They're set to 12/26/2016 and 1/4/2017.  Is this a holiday period?

Why does the fitting of the model end on blackout_start_date
# get meter data suitable for fitting a baseline model
baseline_meter_data, warnings = eemeter.get_baseline_data(
    meter_data, end=blackout_start_date, max_days=365
and the calculation of metered savings start on blackout_end_date?
reporting_meter_data, warnings = eemeter.get_reporting_data(
    meter_data, start=blackout_end_date, max_days=365

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