What are blackout start and end dates in tutorial for?

Si Chen <sichen@...>


I'm looking at the tutorial http://eemeter.openee.io/tutorial.html and would like to know what the role of blackout_start_date and blackout_end_date are?

They're set to 12/26/2016 and 1/4/2017.  Is this a holiday period?

Why does the fitting of the model end on blackout_start_date
# get meter data suitable for fitting a baseline model
baseline_meter_data, warnings = eemeter.get_baseline_data(
    meter_data, end=blackout_start_date, max_days=365
and the calculation of metered savings start on blackout_end_date?
reporting_meter_data, warnings = eemeter.get_reporting_data(
    meter_data, start=blackout_end_date, max_days=365

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