Re: OpenEEWeather not getting updated data

Si Chen <sichen@...>

OK, thanks for getting back to me.  We'll use the github issues trackers in the future too.

Si Chen
Open Source Strategies, Inc.

On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 9:58 AM <ngo.phil@...> wrote:
Hi Si,

This may have something to do with the scheduled maintenance of the NOAA source weather data. See related issue eeweather#58

We were expecting the data to be back on line by this point (usually it is one or two days behind, and maintenance was scheduled to end 11/29), so I went ahead and checked the source data and it appears that it was last updated on 2019-11-24, which is indeed unusual. The source file can be downloaded from, which lists the date the data was last updated. I expect it will be back to normal within a day or two.

CalTRACK does not require use of the OpenEEmeter or eeweather libraries, but it does encourage use of public weather sources for repeatability.

If it works for you, I think it would be best to continue this conversation and other conversations about possible bugs on GitHub Issues. I think it will be better to have one place for all the bug-related conversations, and I think GitHub is the most easily discoverable. (OpenEEmeter ->, EEweather ->


On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 9:19 AM Si Chen <sichen@...> wrote:

We're testing out OpenEEWeather but are getting data that's out of date.  

The weather station is Downtown LA/USC Campus, USAF 722874.  We tried requesting for the last 30 days, but the last date available was November 22 -- over a week ago.  Attached is the script we ran it with and the results we got.

Is this normal?

If so is this the best or "standard" service for getting weather for the CalTrack methods?  Or is CalTrack independent of the weather service used?

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