Re: how to persist and instantiate models?


For hourly, you are correct. For billing/daily, you'll want to make sure you are using the correct candidate model - the one chosen by the balance point grid search. See the model attribute of eemeter.CalTRACKUsagePerDayModelResults, returned by eemeter.fit_caltrack_usage_per_day_model.

The .json() methods are indeed intended for model serialization if you'd like to store the models and use them for prediction at a later point. The .json() method should give you all the data you need to be able to recreate the model. I don't think we currently have a method in the library for de-serializing the model back into its original state, but we certainly should! So if you find it's not readily doable in the context of your code, would you mind making an issue on GitHub openeemeter/eemeter and we can work together to add a de-serialization method to the library?


On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 4:09 PM Si Chen <sichen@...> wrote:

I'm looking at integrating OpenEEMeter with opentaps some more, and I have a couple of questions about how to save and re-use the models from OpenEEMeter.

Are these the classes with the hourly and daily models?

They both have .json() methods to return the model as a JSON.  Should we save those JSON strings in our database?  

Is there a method for bringing those models back from JSON string?


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