Open Energy Data Initiative (OEDI)

The Open Energy Data Initiative (OEDI) provides tools, methods, and data catalogs designed and curated to promote open data exchange within the energy sector. OEDI was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as part of the Open Energy Information (OpenEI) project, a Department of Energy initiative to accelerate and transform the use of data related to the generation, transmission, and use of energy.

OEDI is in active development, creating a data catalog which curates multiple data sets in a cloud-based “data lake”, as well as tools and algorithms to access and analyze the data and to leverage data science tools available through cloud service providers. Datasets being developed include wind, solar, and meteorological data history as well as historical data from 17 US national labs.


  • OEDI provides curated datasets related to energy resource data, with other high-value resource datasets planned
  • OEDI is used by data scientists, utilities, energy companies, and other interested parties to analyze energy data, identify useful patterns, and share with others
  • Major features include a cloud-based data lake consisting of multiple curated datasets, tools and algorithms to access and analyze the data, and expertise for creating and curating new datasets
  • Primary components include the data lake and its datasets, cloud-based tools and code fragments with algorithms to access the data, and a robust community


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