[EXTERNAL] Re: [microgrids] What is happening with this WG?

Ramanj Pamidi

Thanks for sharing Jak,  it appears like s/w based microgrid controller.

Btw: I have been watching http://grid-scape.com/ based in Fremont, CA. They have installed few community microgrids and impressive.



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Ken, the company is ExtensibleEnergy. They make a building energy management controller that connects to a microgrid controller, see here for a short description of one deployment they've done. I exchanged email with them yesterday and they are currently busy with customers. I think once they get free, they'll be ready to get on a call and present.


But anyway, good to see that the list hasn't died.






On Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 6:03 AM Ken Dulaney <kadulane@...> wrote:

James, thanks for your note. This list is not dead but definitely dormant. Several active members in leadership had serious work commitments over the summer. But I agree that it is time to revive this effort. 

is there more you can tell us about the company or would they like to present to the members of this group through a formal call? 

I encourage others who are monitoring the list to chime in.