Co-ordination between inverters/batteries?

James Kempf <kempf42@...>

Hi all,

I'm having a problem with my home microgrid design. I want to use inverters and batteries from multiple manufactures and run them through a Span smart panel. The sources I have or will have are the following:
  • An Electriq PowerPod 1 (later, hopefully a PowerPod 2) DC coupled to a 7.08 kw PV array and a nominal 15kwh home battery (later with the PP2 20kwh).
  • An AC coupled 4.4 kw PV array with Enphase microinverters.
  • An Ossico dcbelle bidirectional car charger connected to a Nissan Leaf (the Leaf supports V2G through the Chadamo port) to come nominally this summer.
I talked to Span about this and the problem is that the control loops in these devices do not coordinate so I cannot have them all connected up to the Span. It should in principle be possible to connect the Enphase panels and the Leaf battery and, if the grid goes down, use the power from the batteries for home backup and recharge from the panels, but that won't work because the dcbelle won't coordinate with the Enphase. And the Enphase can't recharge the PP1 batteries. According to Span, there does not seem to be any standardized protocols or open source package to do this kind of coordinate.

Does anyone know of any protocols or open source software that might help?