Next steps for the MG SIG

Shuli Goodman

Thanks for the meeting yesterday. I have sent a new meeting going forward. I believe that the link error has been fixed.

We had a good group of 9 of us. The plan is that for the next 4 meetings we will have 1 team present their microgrid solution. 
The goal of this group is to begin to create a vibrant community around microgrids.

The Connected Community FOA came out - if you are interested, please message me. To move forward, we need to find a core set of General and Strategic members who want to pursue this for LF Energy to put resources against the effort. I think we have a great story.

On October 29th Kotaro Jinushi and his colleague Daisuke Kawamoto will present the Sony microgrid solution. Background can be found here: and here:

On November 12th Gabor Karsai and/or Srdjan Lukic will present the LF Energy RIAPS project and the RIAPS microgrid solution co-developed between Vanderbilt University and North Carolina State University.

@Rob Glasgow and @Steve Quenette - in the following sessions we hope to have Monash University on December 4th. Between now and the end of the year - we hope to be able to share a data center microgrid as well -TBD.

I have canceled two of the meetings one is the US Thanksgiving, the 2nd, Christmas eve. Maybe we will find an additional time if there is a 4th presentation.

I would like to find two people to take on Chair of the Microgrid SIG - at least 1 must be a member.

Please jump in folks!

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