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Hi Nikunj,

firstly, welcome to our EVerest community!

Great that you want to contribute - here are some ressources and ways to get started:

To familiarize yourself with EVerest, the obvious start may be GitHub:

On the EVerest project page on Linux Foundation Energy you will find a overview with links to most ressources
If you want to dive right in, here is a quick start guide with everything to get EVerest up and running: 

If you prefer a video introduction, here is webinar to help you out:
Webinar #1 EV Charging Pioneers - How the EVerest ecosystem will simplify charging use cases
(More webinars upcoming - if you would like to learn more about specific topics, let us know!)

Since you already found the mailing list, you can also ask questions here, report issues or just let us know what's on your mind!

For a more direct contact to the development team, we invite you to join the Weekly Tech Sync, every Tuesday 10am -11am CET:
Next EVerest Weekly Tech Sync
Tuesday, 7th February · 10:00 bis 11:00 CET

In the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) you can follow the evolution of EVerest more closely, and also get involved, of course open to all! 
It takes place every 3rd thursday of the month, next instance & meeting link announced via mailing list
You can watch the recordings of the past TSC meetings on our YT channel:

If there is anything else needed or would be helpful, just let us know!

And thanks again for your interest in EVerest!

Best regards,

Nikunj Tilva <nikunjltilva@...>

Hello LFEnergy Everest team,

I am Nikunj Tilva. I am a full stack developer focused on typescript stacks. I work for ABB emobility and I always feel there is lack of open source software for Ev charging ecosystem. Is there a way I can contribute to the project?