EVerest’s 2022 - and 2023

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Welcome everyone - let's step right into 2023!

May this upcoming year be extraordinarily successful for you personally and be at least as powerful for EVerest as last year has been.

Let’s have a short glance in the rearview mirror to see the EVerest achievements of 2022 (with a few teasers for 2023). What could we create?

  • OCPP 1.6 including all optional profiles and whitepapers is ready. OCPP 2.0.1 now on our implementation schedule already started end of last year.

  • Basic Energy Management - even more sophisticated logic and strategies will follow.

  • Further progress with standards: IEC61851 / SAE J1772 (PWM Charging), ISO15118-2 AC/DC with integrated SLAC mechanism

  • Sunspec / Modbus implementation

  • Autocharge

  • End of year, we reached a special milestone regarding DC charging: We did some successful tests of our new bidirectional DC Charging implementation with different car models.

  • Integrated Software-in-the-Loop testing with NodeRed

  • A new UI application to show information about charging status etc

  • Python support for rapidly implementing additional modules

  • New Quick Start Guide and some improvements of the EVerest documentation - more to come in this field with some developer use cases and better structure for integration of modules documentation.
  • And finally, last year as kind of a christmas present, we open-sourced a hardware reference design. This is yet another milestone for the EVerest community. Interested? Then rush right to the repository for further information: https://github.com/PionixPublic/reference-hardware

In 2023, EVerest will keep on driving on the quick lane.

Be part of our journey by visiting our weekly tech meetups (virtual room links regularly posted on this mailing list). There you will get insights about our current development work.

Also stay tuned on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@lfe_everest.

Thanks for being part and looking forward to a great EVerest future.

Electric-powered greets,


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