Re: Adapt Everest on a OBC(on car side, As EVCC for iso15118)

Cornelius Claussen

Hi Ale,

with the upcoming C/C++ implementation of ISO15118 this would be certainly possible. We avoided the car side up to now because everything that goes into the car usually has stricter requirements on development processes and standards that are harder to fulfill then on the EVSE side. Also the OBCs usually run bare metal micro controllers and no Linux while EVerest is designed to run on Linux.
But of course the libraries can be reused without linux too, we just don't have anyone willing to work on that at the moment. But any help is always welcome!



Am Mo., 7. Nov. 2022 um 17:35 Uhr schrieb alessio milani <ilbarone.milani@...>:


is there anyway in your opinion to adapt the EVerest framework to be shipped on an OBC (on the car side)?
I just dived into this topic and would be very interesting to get some POV on the topic.
If i got well, the purpose of the EVerest framework relies on being the standard for chargers source(SECC for iso15118).
But I'm curios if it can be adapted or if something similar exist on client side(car side).
Thanks a lot and BR,

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