Pionix Dev Sync TODOs

Marco Möller

- Leonardo: test sunspec stuff on fronius setup
- Andreas: switch autogenerated documentation public, if possible in time as github page
- Lars: tests documentation, checks if new dev container is properly described
- Julian: adjusts new documentation for missing container
- Kai: main branches protection
- Kai: cross check permissions for external users
- thilo: finish his m:n branch and get in merged
- Cornelius: testing VPN setup
- Lars: support for Leonardo / handover...
- Lars: SMARGING default on/off in settings (and even more?) handover from Andreas
- marco: automatic checking pull requests with codacy
- Lars: nicing energy mgmt node red UI ... minimum: status if smarging is active should be shown, and move settings to other page to prevent accidential setting change
- Kai: proxy for UI
- Kai: final licence cleanup
- marco: write this email

Dr. Marco Möller
Geschäftsführer / CEO

Pionix GmbH
Am Mühlgarten 8
76669 Bad Schönborn

Telefon: +49 (0)173 20 51 706

Amtsgericht Mannheim, HRB 739172
Geschäftsführer: Johanna Claussen, Dr. Marco Möller, Benjamin Mosler

Hinweise zum Datenschutz https://pionix.de/privacy/

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