Re: EV charging communication

Cornelius Claussen

Hi Jupiter,

the actual low level communication (i.e. the Control Pilot signal with states A-F and the PWM) is usually handled in a microcontroller in most charger architectures for electrical safety reasons. To connect such a control pilot board to EVerest a driver is needed that implements the board_support_AC interface (DC is not fully implemented, once done this interface will be renamed). 
An example of such a HW driver is in YetiDriver. The driver module is then used by the EvseManager, which is the central module managing the charging session and the coordination between high level and low level communication.
See attached PDF on how the communication between the EvseManager and the HW driver works.
For high level comms (ISO15118) for AC and DC the EvseManager uses an additional slac (e.g. implemented in EvseSlac) module and an ISO15118_charger interface for the HLC (e.g. implemented in JsRiseV2G). 
In principle it would be easy to write a board_support_driver that e.g. uses a local GPIO for CP output and ADCs, there is some example code in the PDF as well.



Am Di., 23. Aug. 2022 um 12:34 Uhr schrieb JH <jupiter.hce@...>:


I cloned EVerest,  everest-core,  everest-utils and
everest-framework, I am looking for the charging communication source
code between the charger cable and EV but I could not find it. Could
anyone help to point me where the low level communication between
charger cable and EV during the AC or DC charging process?

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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