Re: May we have your feedback, please?

Group Moderator

Hi EVerest Community,

in January, we invited you to give us some feedback and carry out some prioritization of future EVerest features and your needs.

All in all, the participation rate was slightly above ten percent - probably to be expected for such a busy community.

Let's look at the results:

ISO-15118-20 and OCPP 2.0.1 are the hot topics - 80% respectively 90% of voters put those two on top of the wish list.

For charging technologies, the picture looks like this:

  1. Plug&Charge: 80%

  2. Bi-directional Charging: 60%

  3. Load Balancing: 40%

  4. Advanced Energy Management: 10%

Regarding solar inverters, 40% gave us a signal for need. The range of manufacturers that have been mentioned is very broad.

Now to your own use cases that you are working on: Among the participants, both DC and AC charging are rather equally important. Talking about charging powers, most of the participants (80%) are working on charging use cases up to 22kW. Only 30% to 40% go beyond the 43kW barrier.

Thanks a lot to all participants! Those findings will get into feature prioritization. We will update you about news.

If you have additional topics, feel free to initiate a discussion on this mailing list.

Electrified greetings,



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