Re: Hardware recommendations

Cornelius Claussen

Hi Romain,

check out the open hardware design here which can be used as-is or as a start for own hardware design:

You can also buy those boards or a full charger from Pionix. 
Or you have a look at chargebyte, the chargecontrol C for AC charging is supported as well.
Porting to other hardware is usually relatively simple as long as the charger runs on linux and you can replace that Linux with your own variant, so if you have something already let us know and we can help!

If you want to build your own hardware, you will need a Homeplug GreenPHY compatible PLC chip that can do SLAC for high level comms.
There is few options at the moment, the most common one being QCA7000/7005 which is available as hardware module from several vendors (driver for SPI included in Linux mainline).
A new quite nice alternative is Lumisil which is also supported by everest, this chip is available on most chip distributors.
In addition you need some computer (e.g. raspberry pi 4) and control pilot circuitry (look at the reference schematics for that)



Am Di., 7. Feb. 2023 um 11:19 Uhr schrieb Romain Vincent <romain@...>:

Hello and thank you for the awesome works done with Everest.

Is it possible to update the hardware recommendations, including plc modem specifications for combo CCS / iso 5118 ?

Many thanks


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