Notification Settings on GitHub - to ensure you know when something happens on the page...

Carmen Best

Per a question on the call today - here a couple of ways to make sure your notifications in GitHub are set to your liking...

First, make sure you have "Watching" turned on for GRID.  Below is a screen shot - note the eye that says "Unwatch" next to it - just click on that to "watch" or "unwatch".  

  You can also go into the settings by hovering over your log in icon [the little badger you see in my screen shot below].  You may need to log in to get to this part. 
Email and Notification settings can be found there.  There are several configurations you can choose that are pretty self explanatory - but make sure your preferred email is provided.  

I hope this is helpful - and if you still have questions - let me know.  I can help you walk through it.  

Best wishes,