GRID - WG - 8/14 Meeting Summary

Carmen Best

Thanks to everyone for their contributions today.  

Our Homework boiled down to the following: 
  • Next Steps on Normal Year -
    • McGee Young will start a GDoc to lay out the basic steps pointing toward a specific method; and the specific use cases (how they tie to other issues that are in scope for GRID) 
  • The topic for next month - (9/11 meeting date) 
    • Lia Webster and James Russel will be on point for an NRE discussion next week to provide an overview of where the EVO/LBNL projects are in NRE, and current adaptations that are at play right now. 
  • CONTINUING: For existing issues, review and add literature with context/description on Github
  • CONTINUING: Consider how other issues can be decomposed to discrete tasks propose in Github
Recording from 8/14/2019 meeting
Slides from 8/14/2019 Meeting

Eliot Crowe - LBNL
Craig Sinnamon - Power Takeoff
Ethan Goldman - Recurve
Caroline Massad Francis (PG&E)
Tonghui Li - Franklin
Devan Johnson - kW Engineering 
Zyg Kunczynski
Hassan Shaban - Recurve
James Russell - ClearResult
Andrew Royal - ResIntel
Al Lutz - SCG / Independent
Natalie Kozlowski - Recurve
Sabarish Vinod - Lincus
Anna Kelly - Power Takeoff
Mark Wyman - Energy Trust of Oregon
Kyle Monsees - NYSERDA
Lia Webster via phone - Facility Energy Solutions / EVO
Carmen Best - Recurve

A reminder that you can get the info from this and all the past meetings on the GitHub Wiki -
You need to log into GitHub to see them - but that's where I put the recording, notes, and slides.