GRID - May 8 Working Group Meeting Follow up

Carmen Best

Hi Everyone - 
I enjoyed listening to the meeting last week - and special thanks for taking on the 5 word challenge! 

The scope of this project is clearly the first think to tackle and the issues that are submitted will frame those priorities, so thank to those that have already submitted issues.  A couple notes on submitting issues: 
  • If there are specific deadlines or decisions at your organization (or jurisdiction) that may be driving those issues, please also include those in the documentation so we can consider it in prioritization. 
  • If you have ideas, but want to flesh them out in more detail before posting, I encourage you to call a peer from the group (or maybe two) to talk through framing the issue most effectively for the group. The more work we put in between meetings the more progress we'll be able to make when we all gather.  
Below my signature line are the links to the materials which I will post on the GRID Github Wiki after each meeting; but sending them along as well (belt and suspenders); I also added an image of the "traffic" on github which shows me that folks are getting in there and getting signed up - thanks!

Best wishes to all, 


May 8, 2019 GRID Working Group Mtg

Power Point Presentation May 8, 2019 LINK

Meeting Recording May 8, 2019 LINK


  • Sign up for GRID on GitHub
  • Add the relevant meetings to your calendar Shared Google Calendar
  • Comment on Scope issue in GitHub
  • Start developing issues that would likely fall within scope. Be specific with your proposals.


  • “Scope” issue discussed on Github over next 4 weeks
  • Voting on “Scope” issue at next meeting (6/12); subsequent issues opened for discussion.
  • Select priority issues the following meeting (7/10)
  • Do any members have driving factors that affect timing for issues? (please include in your issue postings)

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Carmen Best

Hi Everyone - 
We have two issues posted on GitHub so far; one of which migrated over from CalTRACK. 

If you have more issues to post or comments to make on the ones here, please take a moment to post them on GitHub.

We meet again on June 12th; at 10 AM Pacific.

Apologies if I haven't been reaching out to drum up more conversations one on one - but still on jury duty (this is week 6 - but the end is in sight) 

Best wishes,