GRID - WG - DRAFT Agenda for 5/8 Meeting

Carmen Best

Hi Everyone - 
Just a reminder that I will still be on jury duty for our meeting on May 8th; but Ethan Goldman has volunteered to facilitate on my behalf. 

I pulled an agenda together that mirrors the last CalTRACK working group meeting so we can ensure everyone is clear on how to submit draft issues; and hopefully we will have some time to discuss some preliminary issues that are on people's minds. 

Also note that I have added the past slide decks and the recordings for the last two meetings on our GRID Github Wiki page

Draft Agenda: (let me know if you have additions)
  • Overview of agenda

    • Additions / Corrections

  • Member Roll Call

    • Name, Org, Challenge: Why are you participating in GRID (in five words or less!)

  • Sign-ups review

    • Listserv (complete!)

    • GRID - Github (4 viewers on GRID git hub repo - not much there may explain why, any other issues?)

  • Discuss timeline

    • Issues submitted within 3 weeks

    • Prioritization (voting if necessary) start at next meeting (6/12)

    • Set up sprints the following meeting (6/26)

  • Review Issue/Pre-Draft submission process (Video)

    • Review Issue format

    • Necessary completeness criteria

  • Open up for members to discuss any burning issues

Homework: Submit issues for consideration by the Working Group

Best wishes,


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