September 25th Meeting Summary

Jon Koliner

Hi CalTRACK Working Group,


Great meeting!  


First, Issue #117 (Monthly Fixed Effects) and Issue #120 (Degree Days using Degree Hours) have both been opened for voting. There was no dissent against the issue posters’ recommendations in either case during the meeting. If you disagree with the determinations for those issues, please post a comment on the Github issue. In the event that happens, it will trigger a formal voting process (we will have to count votes).


We are moving forward with some quantification for issue Issue #128 (Res vs. non-res models), and have kicked off work on Issue #118 (Baseline procedure for billing data) and Issue #126 (Interpolation of integral therms). Feel free to contribute to the discussions of those issues on Github.


We will be conducting a second round of prioritization, starting next meeting (October 23rd). A few new issues have been posted – please review them before then. If you have an additional issue to post, please do so ASAP so that others will be familiar with it before the meeting.


Finally, I am looking for someone to actively champion Issue #129 (Vote on/agree to a uniform testing approach). As mentioned in the meeting, Caroline Massad-Francis may or may not be able to continue attending meetings in the future. Please let me know if you would like to take over for her and lead the discussions for this issue.


The meeting recording and slides are online:




Thanks everyone,


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