CalTRACK Meeting Agenda 10/23

Jon Koliner

Hi CalTRACKers,


We have two major agenda items for tomorrow (10/23, 10 AM Pacific) – updates on our two issues that have been opened for testing, and Round #2 of prioritization. I am going to call out the two issues first because the prioritization section is a bit longer, but we will be going through them in the opposite order in the meeting.



We will be looking at results or brainstorming testing on two issues:

#118 (Schmidt), Interpolation of Integral Therms for Daily Data

#126 (Ngo), Baseline Data Procedure for Billing Data

Issue testers/champions, please send me a slide or two that we can use for discussion.



We will be going through round #2 of prioritization, with voting commencing after the Wednesday meeting. If you have an issue in mind to submit, please submit it by end-of-day tomorrow. Below is the slate of issues for prioritization. If your name is on one of them, please be prepared to speak to (1) What the present state is, (2) How the change could improve CalTRACK, (3) How the issue should be tested. This will be another rapid fire, with about 3 minutes expected per issue. The issues:

#121 (Schmidt), Heating Balance Point Temperatures Abnormally Low?

#122 (Schmidt), Enhance Testing Methods

#123 (Schmidt), Improved Handling of Bad Buildings

#124 (Schmidt), Improve Handling of Buildings with Weather-Energy Misalignments

#125 (Schmidt), Ensure that AEU Includes All Days in Reporting Period

#127 (Schmidt), Improve Stability of Incremental Savings via Rolling 12 Month Reporting Periods

#130 (Francis), “Month type” or “Week type” control to Address Intercept-Only Model Issues with More Frequent Payments

  • Note that unless someone steps forward to champion this one, we will likely drop it.

#133 (Ngo), Increase Total HDD/CDD Limits to Avoid Out-of-Range Balance Points

#134 (Koliner), Modifications to the Temperature Variable


See you tomorrow,


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