CalTRACK Meeting

Jon Koliner

Hi CalTRACKers,


We met briefly with a much-reduced crew this week and a minimal agenda. There are two key takeaways:

  1. Issue #126 is ready for draft language after the selection procedure is slightly refined. We can open a vote on this next meeting without spending too much time on it.
    1. Phil Ngo or other interested parties, can you please communicate with each other and write up the modifications to the current methods that we will need to accept?
  2. If you are interested in chairing the working group in 2020, please send me your self-nomination and a candidate statement before next meeting (ideally by January 15th). The Chair’s duties have included:
    1. Communicate with Working Group members and the Steering Committee (a few emails a month)
    2. Organize meetings and creating the agenda/slides (1x/month)
    3. Leading meetings (1x/month)
    4. Organizing and tabulating results of voting (prioritization and issue or process-specific) (Roughly once every few months)
    5. Monitoring progress of the Working Group and coordinating with issue testers
    6. Developing new operating procedures where necessary


Here are the slides from last meeting: Slides


We will be meeting again on January 22nd, at which point our agenda focus on overarching CalTRACK and CalTRACK WG issues. While I am happy to preside over an airing of grievances or speculative discussion, please take some time before the meeting to formulate some concrete improvements that could be made in those areas.

  • Discussion of Working Group process (successes and areas for improvement)
    • Pacing
    • Voting/Prioritization/Issue Selection
    • Information flow / Github / Emails
  • Discussion of CalTRACK trajectory and scope
    • Where are the areas for improvement?
    • When is a given model/method “good enough?”
    • New use cases
  • Discussion of both scope and process
    • How best can the Working Group address the needs for CalTRACK?
  • Kick off voting for the 2020 CalTRACK Chair


See you in the roaring 20’s – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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