Re: DigiSub DT2 (virtualization) - Meeting #3

Lucian Balea


Thanks for your participation to the meeting last Thursday. You will find below the minutes and agreed follow-up actions (in green).


First we need to schedule the next series of meetings. Please indicate your availabilities in the following polls:


During the progress status discussion we agreed that the functional requirements should be further elaborated before discussing the minimum viable product.

Consequently the following needs to be done before next meeting:

  • Examples of substation systems to be considered for a minimum viable product (2 to 4 examples). è Task for end-users (Alliander, RTE, NG, Tata Power)
  • First draft of functional requirements (for a minimum viable product) è GE and Schneider Electric took this task


It was agreed to replace the slide on combinations of non-virtualization and virtualization by a requirement that the project should consider “coexistence with conventional devices (failover or hybrid deployment)” è done


Small wording suggestions to improve the architecture overview (è done) and need to add a legend to explain the categories of apps to be run on the platform (è task for RTE).


Proposal to add Kubernetes to the technical stack as the reference for orchestration and to consider also lighter solutions as challengers. è task for RTE


Please continue adding you contributions directly to the roadmap in the “Working documents for next meeting”:


Thanks again for your availability and active participation. We are heading towards a really meaningful project and I am confident that we will be able to launch something in the near term (the aim being early May).


Best regards,




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