Re: DigiSub DT2 (virtualization) - Meeting #5

Lucian Balea


Thanks for your participation to the meeting yesterday. I am sending you the minutes below (actions in green):


1) We introduced Romain Naour from Smile who just joined the group.


2) There is consensus that the project on virtualization should have a distinct technical governance and branding from the project on 61850 configuration.


3) It is also preferred to find a project name that does not make a too strong reference to the power grid substation since the solution might be relevant also to other industry segments in a later stage. è @All: please feel free to send suggestions for the name of the project.


4) Concerning the technological option, the group concluded the following (added to the roadmap document):

  • Hardware/chip architecture options:
    • x86 is retained as the reference chip architecture for the MVP
    • The project should nevertheless consider that the platform should support ARM architecture in a second stage
  • Hypervisor options:
    • Linux / PREEMPT_RT is retained as the reference for the MVP
    • Other options are discarded for the time being: Xenomai seems to have little industrial support, ACRN is not mature enough to date though promising (thus it should be kept in the radar for a later stage)
  • Linux distribution:
    • Yocto seems to be a reference choice for embedded critical systems
    • CIP ( is also proposed as a serious alternative? as it is maintained longer and includes a RT version
    • Are Yocto and CIP exclusive options or compatible ones? è Glenn proposed to check with the LF.
  • Platform and application orchestration:
    • Kubernetes seems to be the reference choice for container orchestration è To be added to the roadmap (done).


5) Tests will be key to confirm the design of the solution. It is agreed to add to the project’s activities an item on “specifying the test procedures needed to assess the fulfillment of the requirements” è Done



I have updated the progress status for the design team:

We have almost completed the high level principles, initial functional scope and functional requirement references.

We have also made significant progress regarding the technological options.


It also seems to me that the milestones to reach the MVP are partly there: we have listed the project activities on slide 9 and we have 3 examples of substations to be considered. This already gives some guidance.


For next meeting, I would like to focus the discussion on items 6 and 7:

6) Make an inventory of pre-existing code that is already open source or would be contributed to the project

7) List and discuss the proposed individual contributions to the open source project

I will propose a template to collect views asap.


Please continue adding you contributions directly to the roadmap in the “Working documents for next meeting”:


Any comment/suggestion regarding the above is welcome.


Best regards,




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