Re: Kick-off LFE DigiSub - Design Team 2 (virtualization)

Lucian Balea

Dear All,

First, I wish you all the best for 2020!


In anticipation of our kick-off call tomorrow we have prepared some initial material and put it in the shared folder:

Please let me know in case you encounter any difficulty accessing this.

You can also add your contributions into the folder or comments into the proposed slides.


From now on we can also start using the group mailing list for our communications.


I look forward to initiating the works tomorrow.

Best regards,



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Objet : Kick-off LFE DigiSub - Design Team 2 (virtualization)


Dear All,


I am writing you to kick-off the Design Team #2 on the “virtualization of automation and protection applications”.

The purpose of our group will be to build a common roadmap and to identify contributions prior to the inception of an open source project. However, at this stage there is no commitment to participate to the future project by participating to the Design Team.


We have a great group of people and I look forward to starting the collaboration.

I am attaching some introductory material from previous presentations so everyone has the same background information.


A few things to start:


1) In order to find the most convenient date for the 3 first meetings, please fill the following polls before the end of this week:


2) I am setting up a OneDrive shared folder for our team. You will receive an automatic invitation with a link to the folder.

Please feel free to use this folder in order to share documents with the group. Let me know if you encounter any difficulty to access it.


3) You will also receive an invitation to join a group mailing list. I am setting this in order to avoid that someone is left behind in our email conversations. As soon as everybody signs in we will start using it.


4) Christian, Aurelien and I will prepare a set of input slides for the first meeting. If you also have input that you would like to share with the group already, please feel free to do so as well.


Please come back to me in case you have any question or suggestion.

I would like to thank you in advance for your active participation!

Best regards,



Lucian BALEA
R&D Program Director / Open Source
P+33 6 63 12 51 85




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