[CDSC TSC] CDSC WG Meetings schedule

Shuli Goodman

Ergh!! Apologies all. That was obviously not meant for the list. Just trying to align with John on a Sunday evening after being sick for the last five days. A reminder not to work sick on a Sunday night!

Apologies again. 

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On Jan 23, 2022, at 6:34 PM, Shuli Goodman via lists.lfenergy.org <sgoodman=lfenergy.org@...> wrote:

Hi John, I think you and I got out of synch. I think I said this in another thread with Guillaume, Markus, and Aram (Olivier and Anto on the thread with us). Not sure how you decided to go forward without checking with me. 

Having a 6a meeting on Weds, before the maintainers have a strategy in place is not a good thing. Also, this group has a very strong west coast tilt. I don’t think any of us signed up for that and this sets a sort of nutty precedent. 

Not sure what to do. I am not sure who said yes to that time, but I am fairly sure they are not the maintainers nor making contributions. 

If Daniel and Martin are good with Thursday and Daniel gets the training he needs - NONE of them know how to use GitHub for this process - then that makes sense. But there is some pre-work that needs to happen WG 2. 

I think we need to walk it back. How do you see it?

Also, I think we need to use the calendar lists not this big mush of people. It’s why I was so specific they had an ACTION to get on the list. Half or more are not appropriate and/or have delegated. 

PS I know you are trying to be efficient. We have to get in synch. I cannot find any time on your calendar. It is solid. 

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On Jan 23, 2022, at 5:30 PM, John Mertic <jmertic@...> wrote:

CDSC Community,

We have scheduled the series for WG meetings, to begin this week:

Customer Data WG

Thursdays, 7:00am-8:00am US Pacific Time

Power System Data WG
Wednesday, 6:00am-7:00am US Pacific Time

Please subscribe to the relevant mailing list for each WG to receive invitations.

Thank you,

John Mertic
Director of Program Management - Linux Foundation
Academy Software Foundation, LF Energy, Magma, Open Mainframe Project, and SODA
Schedule a meeting with me at https://meetings.hubspot.com/jmertic