2022-09-20 Post meeting action items

Pierre Segonne <pierre.segonne@...>

Hey all,

Thanks a lot for a good meeting today. 

As a reminder the key points discussed during the meeting were:

* Status regarding request for review for the topology (work stream 1) and data types (work stream 2) to MISO and ENTSO-E.

Requests for comments were left unanswered. We will try reaching out again, proposing a collaborative working session with both the policy and data people on their side. Ideally this would be completed before the end of the 1st week of October. Next week’s meeting could be dedicated to that.

[Post-note: Both Natalie (MISO) and Alvaro (ENTSO-E), who are our points of contacts are out-of-office until the 26th of September. This means that it’s most likely unrealistic to expect to get their feedback before next meeting on Tuesday]

* Change of maintainer for the WG2. Guillaume will step down, and I will replace him
* Kicking-off the work on the API specs (work stream 3)

While we are waiting for feedback on the proposals for the work streams 1&2, we might as well start on work stream 3.

Action points:
  1. Contact ENTSO-E again. [Pierre Segonne]
  2. Contact Jeff from Singularity together with Nathalie Winters from MISO to ask again for feedback [Pierre Segonne]
  3. Figure out the governance of work stream 1. Greg Miller, who has in the past been a key contributor to the work stream, is not as available anymore, and it seems that no one is picking up that responsibility. [Anybody wants to step up? - will discuss with LF people]
Where to contribute by next session:

* The GitHub repository could use some cleaning up.
* The topology and data types proposal could be synced up on GitHub. See PR waiting to be merged for topology.
* If you have contacts in TSOs/ISOs that are not MISO or ENTSO-E please share contacts so that we can ask feedback beyond these.
* The work stream 3 can be kickstarted. Anybody that has experience with API design is more than welcome to start an issue and propose a way to collaborate around the definition of the API specs to share the data scoped out in work stream 1 and 2.


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