Next steps — WG2 workstreams input / feedback needed


Hi everyone,


Thanks to those who were able to come to the meeting today. I know there’s been some confusion around the meeting times, for now we’re scheduled on Tuesdays @ 8AM PST /  11 AM EST / 5PM CEST. We can discuss at the next meeting if this still works or if we would rather revert back to Thursday.


As you know, we’re working with a new structure for WG2 which is breaks down the work into three workstreams (WS). 


Greg and Henry have made some headway into WS 1 + 2 which focus on describing the topology to be used for the model, and the data types that will be specified within that topology respectively. 


Here’s where we’d like your input:


If you have any issues with accessing one of the spreadsheets, message me and I will give you access.