New working group structure for WG2


After last week's meeting, and a sync with Markus, we are going to move ahead with more of an organised structure with work streams to enable more concrete progress with better defined deliverables.

The working group will be split into three workstreams with the following goals:

  1. Topology / graph model workstream

  2. Data types + specifications workstream

  3. Data interfacing workstream

Working principles

  • Each group will have a main driver, who will be responsible for:
    1. Ensuring progress and getting others in the workstream to provide input and contribute
    2. Coordinating with the other workstream where relevant
    3. Keep their issues cleaned up in GitHub
    4. Presenting updates from the workstream at the biweekly sync
  • Someone from each workstream familiar with GitHub will be responsible for creating the relevant pull requests. The main driver will make sure everyone can contribute to progress, including those unfamiliar with GitHub (best through GitHub issues, if not at the very least documents linked back to a GitHub issue).
  • The biweekly meeting will focus solely on agreeing on pull request scopes and content (having gathered all the input). Little focus should be given to the issues themselves (discussion should ideally happen async/outside of biweekly meeting).


We'll start by having workstream 1 + 2 kicking off in parallel, and then once they join, the working group will transition to working on 3 to tie everything together.
Ideal timeline:
~1 month for workstreams 1 and 2, then aggregate work. Do another pass depending on state of work after the month.
~2 weeks-1 month for workstream 3.

Suggested drivers:

  1. Driver: Greg Miller
  2. Driver: Henry Richardson
  3. Driver: Guillaume Picard

These are just suggestions that need to be finalised and agreed. We will also discuss the best participants at the meeting (I don't have a list)

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